How to shrink your bill without getting in debt with Solar

(even if you don’t have any money due to tough times or even if your roof is in bad shape.)

Did you know that people buy solar without knowing if they truly qualify for a tax credit and their solar payment goes up?

So here is the problem right now. We are
going to be in tough times for a while and inflation will hurt some of us. SDG&E already said publicly last year that they will be raising their rates 28% within four years. This doesn’t even include time of use, higher Tier rates and the effects of coronavirus, which caused setbacks for SDGE andthey  will charge us later for.

Why should this matter to me?

Right now you may be someone looking for another source of income or you may be an essential worker but your pay isn’t that much more. SDGE will keep charging you and still give you surprised high electric bills year after year and because you are where you are RIGHT NOW then sooner or later more of your income will be going to paying electricity instead of using it for your family or yourself. Your Extra work efforts will go towards what you HAVE TO pay instead of what you WANT to buy. Yet, there is a way out from unpredictable SDGE without having to spend the money you have now.

Luckily for you, there’s a way out

There is this huge company that sells solar and came out with a new program where people do not have to buy or get in debt with solar panels. They realize that they could sell electricity just like SDG&E only cheaper. What if I told you that this company that’s in costco and Home Depot knew the struggles that you have with SDG&E and would rather give you a rate for electricity that does not change. What I mean is that there is no upper tier’s or crazy inflations that we have to pay for due to wildfires or transmission fees. I mean that you know exactly what your electric bills going to be month after month and you will no longer be surprised. You will not have to worry about using too much electricity and get charged more. Your stress about the future can finally leave and you could enjoy Having extra money to spend for your family and friends. You could avoid Sdge’s plans by switching to a cheaper electric company except they use solar energy to sell you electricity. 

By the way, this company will pay for your solar panels and maintain them throughout 25 years. Depending on what you choose

  1. Solar monthly benefit

You will be paying a solar energy(clean electricity) monthly bill that averages less than SDGE electric monthly bill, so that you can keep extra cash in your pocket every month, which means you can add a dinner/lunch date to your marriage or have extra gas in case you want to go somewhere in San Diego.

2. Solar Rates benefit

Now that you will only have one Tier rate with solar instead of multiple tiers with SDG&E, so that you could use more electricity and not be charged higher electric prices , which means you could enjoy your a/c or electric heater and not have to be a strict “turn off the lights” kind of person

3. Solar yearly benefit

This is the only company that will promise you your electricity based off of yearly production, so that you do not have to worry about not having to maintain your solar system because they are incentivized to do so or else they will have to pay you for the loss of production from the solar panels, which means you will have lesser headaches. (Note: you will have to spray water on them 2 times a year usually in the summer, but they have to replace everything themselves)

4. Your saving money benefit

At the end of the year you will have saved more money shrinking this bill over any other bill you may have tried to save on. This means that you could save this money yearly and spend it for a trip or another Disneyland trip in the summer.

Customer’s that are currently buying power because they didn’t want debt.