Residential Solar

Why Choose Solar with Us?

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You have options!

We are not stuck to a few options that a contractor has. We rather give you a better experience by eliminating bias opinions and providing different perspectives and ideas for your financing needs!

Information You Can Trust

The reason why some people are calling solar a scam is because some homeowners were sold a solar program that wasn’t right for them. This tends to happen when a sales rep offers only what their installer has to give. We are not sales reps, we are solar brokers! We have the options of multiple installers and different solar programs!

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Proposal Guarantee

We will always find a way to help you get solar at 0 down and make your monthly bill cheaper than your electric bill.

The purpose of a consultation is to find the right proposal for you.

If we can’t find the right proposal after our second appointment for you then we will give you a $25 gift card as an apology and schedule a 3rd appt to finally get it exactly right.

Beyond the customer service of an installer

When you call for help on your solar, you may need to wait on the phone and deal with some kind of call center. You can now avoid that and call your solar broker! Your solar Broker will do all of this for you and help you resolve your issues. All we ask for is a referral and a review.