Frequently Asked Questions

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all the questions and concerns that many need answered before making an appointment.

1. What areas do you service?

San Diego County

2. How can I get solar if I don't have any money?

Solar is no longer for the rich only. Anyone with a good credit score could buy solar at zero down. Also after your solar panels are installed then you pay a solar bill that is cheaper than your electric bill!

3. My roof is fragile and I just had it done. I do not want any issues with it.

Depending on the type of roof you have, We have solutions for different scenarios..

If your roof is a lightweight concrete tile or weighs less than 9 pounds we will have to re-roof a portion of your roof where the solar panels will be installed. We re-roof that section with shingles and line it up exactly to the measurements of your solar system so that no one can see your composition shingles underneath. Your solar panels are mounted as flush as possible to the shingles so that people could only see your beautiful concrete/clay tile roof and it looks like your solar panels are part of your roof.

4. I do not want to have two bills and pay more than my current light bill


A lot of sales reps are only trying to sell solar panels. Sometimes they will shrink the production that you actually need for the sake of their proposal looking cheaper. This will cause you to have two bills

Also in the past there has been a lot of solar rookies trying to sell you the electricity that you currently need without asking the correct questions to figure out if you actually need more power. 

We do a constructive energy consultation on top of your solar consultation so that everything can line up perfectly for you.

5. I rather wait until the solar panels are cheaper


Unfortunately, They are upgrading their solar panels little by little every year and just like Apple Inc, the cost goes up. I am also still waiting for the used solar panel marketing to come up but I doubt it would happen because once solar is bought or used the homeowner uses the solar panels until they are done working.

6. I heard it's harder to sell my home


Usually this concern comes up when people are getting a Lease. Now-a-days Leases are more worry free than how it was in the past. A while back Solar Leases had liens on homeowner's property and one couldn't sell their home until the solar lease was paid for. All this went away. They even came up with a new program called PPA where you can buy the solar system later. The lien's are gone and now the house could be sold to a new buyer without worrying about schematics.